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Mac users installation procedures
Installation Procedure
  • The download is a disk image called SibeliusScorch620b89.dmg. Once the download has completed, it should automatically mount a new volume on your desktop called Sibelius Scorch. If this volume doesn't appear, double-click SibeliusScorch620b89.dmg to mount the new volume.
  • In the Sibelius Scorch volume, double-click the Install Scorch icon and follow the instructions on-screen to install the plug-in.
  • Sibelius Scorch is supported on Mac OS 10.7 Lion and later running in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. For more compatibility information, please see this article.
  • If you are running Sibelius 5 or earlier on the same computer on which you have installed the latest version of Scorch, read this important information about fonts.



Mac OS X 64 bit system install


  1. To install Scorch on your Mac system using Firefox/Safari as your web browser please visit the following web page:

    Click here to download Scorch plug-in for Mac (English version)

    When a new window appear select 'Save File' and then click 'OK'.

  2. This will then start downloading the installation file to your desktop. Once the download is complete navigate to the desktop and double click the file 'SibeliusScorch620b89.dmg' (this picture is out of date sorry)

  3. A new window will appear and you need to double click the icon 'Install Scorch'. The installation file will guide you through the rest of the setup, and when Scorch has been installed this screen will display.

  4. At this point you will need to click 'Close' then reboot your system to complete the installation.

    To find the music you purchased, click on the .  You will find it near the top left-hand corner of every page, then if asked enter your email address and password. Once in the download center desktop, click on the order number and on the title of the song you wish to print. This should then show you the first page of the music and you will be able to page through the music and transpose at this point if you want to. To print, click on the printer icon on the Scorch toolbar, directly above the music. It's over to the right-hand side, just next to the small flame icon.  You may also want to check out our  Creating / Managing Folders instructions!


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