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I've installed Scorch, but I still don't see the preview

If you do not see the preview songs on our site then Scorch is not installed. Scorch is fully compatible with all current versions of 32 bit Internet Explorer and Chrome.  Unfortunately at this time it is not compatible with any 64 bit browser.  It is also compatible with Firefox 32 bit but only up to version 17 on Mac (Firefox 18 and 19 are not currently compatible). If you are running Windows and Internet Explorer 32 bit 7.0 or higher or Chrome scorch will download and configure itself. In some cases you may need to close the browser and open it to refresh depending on your browser settings. For FireFox users the download must be saved manually into your Plug-ins directory of your browser. Our download viewer page has instructions.

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 Posted on 5 April, 2013
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